At All Body Care, our sole focus is our clients and our goal is to improve their health and well-being.

We have many repeat clients who swear our treatments have given their lives and health back to them, as well as others who have received great results in injury management and treatment, and of course plenty who have transformed their stress levels and personal comfort thanks to our relaxing and therapeutic treatments.

We love to hear how we have changed our clients’ lives so please don’t hesitate to contact us to let us know.

Thank you to the team at All Body Care for getting my health back.

A simple movement left me barely able to walk. 4 weeks of going to a chiropractor twice a week and no improvement. Then I accidentally met Caroline. She said she was confident that she could help or fix me. I hopped into my fist treatment and an hour later was standing straighter and could put weight on my leg. 4 treatments later and I am walking normally and ready to go back to work.

Thank you for stopping the pain and giving me my life back. You are a miracle worker.

At the risk of starting with “unaccustomed as I am to writing public testimonials”, I feel like I really should write one for Caroline Smith, at All Body Care.

Some background: Some years back I was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent the usual treatment protocols: chemotherapy – using Herceptin, designed to my particular Her2 positive type of Breast Cancer, and radiation – targeting a specific section of my right breast. (I even got a tiny tattoo to assist hitting the target).

I have always been a fairly bubbly and positive person, so I underwent this treatment regime in a pretty up frame of mind. After I’d been given an all clear signal (surviving five years after treatment) I started to experience severe temperatures and a cellulitis rash, (a deep cellular infection) which needed to be treated with intravenous antibiotics. I also started to have a shingles-like rash around the upper part of my body.

For more than two years I felt really unwell, I was hospitalised five times with a serious infection and temperatures over 40 degrees, and a rash which would not clear up, even after antibiotics. I also experienced a lot of joint pain and fluid retention (maybe from the intravenous treatments) and my system was out of whack. I called All Body Care looking to get some reflexology, which I thought may help my condition.

On inspecting my skin, Caroline recommended Lymphatic Drainage Massage, and even after the first treatment there was a positive response. The rash that had covered my legs for a couple of years began to clear. After three treatments it had reduced by so much that it was barely visible. I felt so much better, my energy levels had improved vastly, and finally I wasn’t ashamed to reveal my legs. The extreme peeling had stopped and my skin felt more hydrated and soft.

I’m usually sceptical of ‘miracle cures’. My past experience is that there are no free lunches and healing takes time and a series of protocols that lead to feeling better. But I feel like I have experienced some kind of miraculous treatment – maybe because this therapist knows her stuff and could see my poor beaten around body was still full of toxins from treatments past.

Anyway, I am truly grateful for Caroline’s assessment and treatment of my problem. I am continuing treatment, and I know with time and continued treatment I will be able to expel the toxins from my system… and be back on the path to being my healthy happy self.

I recommend Caroline’s All Body Care complementary treatments for anyone who is looking to improve their well being and to shed that toxic feeling that goes hand in hand with modern living.


I have had lower back pain for many years. It has made moving and even just getting out of bed very difficult. My shoulders have been tight, and I have occasional headaches and difficulty sleeping.

One treatment with Caroline and I have slept like a baby, no sore back in the morning, and can move much easier. Thank you so much for your friendly and efficient service and you have a client for many years in me.

I have suffered debilitating migraines all my life, once or twice a week. Nothing has stopped them and I have tried everything. I picked up a flyer for All Body Care at a local shop and even after the first treatment I felt so much better. I see Caroline monthly now and always will as I only get the odd headache now.

I have my life back and my migraines don’t interfere with work, all thanks to the wonderful Caroline.

I first came to see All Body Care about tension in my body due to my job. Caroline noticed the severe scars on my left leg from it being severely broken as a child. I had no feeling in the scars and they were very unsightly.

Within a few treatments I had feeling in these scars and the colour came back to normal. They will always be there but I am no longer embarrassed by scars, and my stress tension is gone thanks to Caroline.